Thanks to all those who helped out by donating or posting for us. We are waiting for the score to be completed and then we will start the mix. Our expectations are that we will be finished in September. It's really a great movie and quite unlike anything that is out there, so it will be really exciting to see the reaction!

35 hours left!

We can't tell you how much we appreciate all the help! I promise a
super-fun movie and if you can give at all fantastic! If not please spread the word!


So when is the premier for Insectula!? That would be the Bram Stoker Film Festival in Whitby England 23rd - 27th of October! The wait is over folks!


I just wanted to say I'm super glad we are close to the finish line, but this film is going to be awesome! It is EVERYTHING I imagined it would be. It's like the images came into my head and we were able to capture exactly what I was dreaming and put it onto film. That was the beauty of the CGI end of things, that whatever was impossible or too expensive to do in reality, I could do it with that. I do think this film is something very unique and I'm excited to see what happens with it!

Keep 'em coming!

I don't know...maybe my ads aren't funny enough?

Fun with FX!

Actually I'm not terribly enthralled with making practical FX, I can do them but I seem to enjoy doing VFX a bit more. Here are a couple shots that you can sense the party-like atmosphere...


Poor little Kip!

A new campaign poster! Please donate to the campaign at


Yup, we finally did Indiegogo for Insectula! - Give anything you can or at least share with others so we can bring this monster to the masses!