Lobby Cards

Good news for the Indiegogo funders, I completed the lobby cards and am printing them tomorrow!

Another nice review

Here is a very nice review in French: http://www.ecranbis.com/2015/05/insectula-critique-et-test-dvd-import-us.html 
Use translator unless you happen to be a Francophile!

Someone found out we have Girls in Insectula!

Yep. It was eventually going to get out. We tried to keep it under wraps as long as we could but I knew it was just a matter of time. We have stunning girls in Insectula! Now stunning my not be the right word, you will have to find your own adjective, but the only way to judge for yourself is to watch it. This site found two of them (and what a two!), but there are more...


Funny podcast!

This is the funniest podcast and it's all about Insectula! It starts off kind of slow but keeps building and gets really hilarious by the end. Set aside some time to listen to the whole thing!
"In the first episode of their bonus show, Movie Night, hosts Dan and Calvin sit down with former Production Assistant Annicia and talk about the Minnesota-made tribute to creature feature movies, Insectula! They walk through the entire movie and along the way try to figure out the true motives for the monster coming to Earth, exactly how old the mad scientist is, what the fixation with piercings is about, among other things!"

Killer HorrorCast Review

Killer Horrorcast from Outerspace saw insectula! and it seems they liked it with a healthy 4.5/5. You can read their review here:

Cut Scenes

I was looking on the web and saw this shot. It was from a part that was cut and I had several cool scenes that were removed as I estimated the film's time incorrectly :(  Anyways you can see some of these scenes ONLY if you get the DVD. Also remember you get the commentary track which might be interesting for some of you to hear.

New Trailer!

So finally after years I sat down and cut a new trailer in a few hours. I should have done this long ago but I had to be in the mood and I can be a bit of a procrastinator at times :(
Well, it's up now and looks pretty good so check it out on the trailer page on the website or go here: