More color

Films were standardized at 24 frames per second during the introduction of sound, which needed a universal frame rate to avoid a mess. 24 frames per second was one of the lowest rates that presented fairly smooth motion and saving film cost. Films shot at higher rates have been introduced several times but have met with mixed reaction due to a too “lifelike” quality. They lose the dreamlike image people are used to in movies. The same thing occurs at super high resolutions to some extent; things are a bit too crisp and sharp, breaking the suspension of disbelief. I believe that happens somewhat with 3D among other problems it brings like the conversion/focus issue.
I would argue that something similar happened when Technicolor and Eastmancolor went from the full rich colors to the more realistic tone of modern movies. When I think of color movies things like the Wizard of Oz and Gone With the Wind come to mind. Hitchcock films, Hammer Films and AIP, all pop into my head when someone mentions color movies, not modern films which are all in color. Black Narcissus, despite it being an early color film, made far more use of color than the modern ones that take it for granted.

I've been focusing on color even more than I usually do because I'm grading Insectula! and color is running through my thoughts all day long. I'm working with the older color palettes of the films I mentioned and I really like the look I'm getting, but the tradeoff is that it takes longer.

I guess I’m just a color nut.


I have finished the military scenes. Lots of 3D renders and very time consuming. That should be the last visuals needed for Insectula! Closing in on three and a half years we are getting close. The rough edit is completed and now we just need to chop it down to 90 mins, color grade, score, audio and then finalize.

Military scenes

Working on the military scenes which should be my final rendering I have to do for the movie...

Del faces the terror

The fire burns hot in Del's soul. He will end the horror alone.

TV vs. Movies

One of the things I’m trying to do with Insectula!, is focus on the characters instead of the creature. I think that is one of the things about the new TV shows that make them so great, even better than movies, is that they can take the time and focus on interesting characters. That actually gives TV an edge, as they can devote more time to character development as opposed to movies which generally have 90 mins to introduce and get you interested in a character. Still, the best movies do this. I generally dislike westerns, but several western movies are at the top of my favorites list. At some point the genre becomes incidental. People like interesting characters and I’ve done my best with my limited resources to keep that in mind.
I think the new TV shows are leapfrogging movies and until Hollywood starts to figure out that spectacle and big stars aren’t really what make good movies, we will keep seeing a decline in audience. I don’t see a bright future in Hollywood until they start to wise up.

The great news in all of this is I have more entertainment than ever even though I’m not watching many movies. The Sopranos was really a watershed moment for TV (even though I never watched it). It will be interesting to see what happens in the next few years.


We didn't name ourselves Digital Méliès for nothing. Sarah made a valiant effort to escape with her torso severed...alas she doesn't make it too far.