Awww heck...a shot from the movie. Hope you likes it!

To clear things up...

We have a projected release date of Sept 1 2013. We have signed with Arsenal Pictures and they will determine how it is released. There will definitely be DVD's, possible theatrical and we don't know who will be the end distributors yet. We will probably know that after Cannes and AFM. Marketing materials such as posters and the like will probably be released around that time. For now you can go to to order a pre-release poster printed by deviantart

New head

Replaced the cheesy head you see in the trailer with this nice sculpt by Christian Hanson. Animatronics by yours truly and shot dry-for-wet.


Dr. Kempler helpfully points out to Sarah that she has slime on her face.

Cary Grant

I tried to duplicate Cary Grant's outfit from To Catch a Thief for when Kempler is spying on Britney, but the stripes on Grant's shirt would have blown my camera's moire to a whole new I did my best.

RIP Edith Head*
 *Edith probably had little to do with Grant's outfit, he usually dressed himself.


Passed the 500,000 viewer mark on the Youtube trailer, looking for a million!