Horror Blogs

A couple of German sites write about the trailer:

Makeup test

Shoot cancelled today because of storms so I shot a quick makeup test with my daughter Arielle who is playing Britney Sax (she was already in makeup when the shoot cancelled):

A result of top-of-the-line genes.


Bought a gramophone kit and aged it and made a nice wooden base for it. It's for Dr. Kempler's dictation scene we are shooting today. Thought it looked cool.

Color Correction

Can I spend five days rotoscoping and color correcting one 18 second shot?

Sure I can.*

*this is what happens when you don't plan properly and figure "I'll do something in post". I have learned now to be very careful and plan how I will do it in post before I shoot.

On the plus side I made the leap to After Effects CS5 and the rotobrush tool will make my life much better.

Century College

Visited the lecture halls at Century College and they look good for my upcoming scene. I'm realizing that this scene is only five minutes long, has five differant locations and really is informing the audience of something that could have been done very quickly with some dialog...but what would be the fun in that? Plus it sets up a nice mood and has a couple of scares in it too.


Busy working on the pubic hair for the zombie in Insectula. It's that attention to detail that will give the movie that extra zing.