Release Date

To those asking about release date: We are still shooting Insectula! and expect to be finished with principal photography in Nov. We then have a lot of CGI, a bunch of practical effects to shoot and other post work so we are guessing around the end of the year.

Something's in the trees...

How to make a shot at 12ft look like it was at 30ft...
Since my crane only goes up to 12ft and I needed a 30ft shot here's what I did. I took the original shot and put a framegrab in Photoshop. I reduced the size and used the clone tool to create a matte frame around it. Back to AE, reduce the original and add the frame and now it's 30ft (Luckily there was no wind otherwise I would have had to render all the additional foliage in CGI). However now they are standing in a field (no trees) so I went to my CGI program and added the tree tops. Another pass and I added Insectula. It really is much cooler than the framegrabs show and is kind of scary!

original frame


Gangster Squad

Just saw the trailer for Gangster Squad and am really impressed by the color grading. Very Nice!
Dell's gelatin face.

Gratuitous, super slow motion (1000 fps) feather pillow fight in soft, dreamy pastels…check!