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Insectula! is now on Amazon Prime and Vimeo On-Demand! If you have Amazon Prime you are one lucky bastard because you get it for free!

Amazon Prime

Vimeo On-Demand

Ghoul #1 is very happy about this

The Movie Waffler

A very nice interview with Director Mike Peterson via The Movie Waffler.

Horror Society

Very good review from Horror Society you should check out!

The Movie Waffler

A very nice review you should take a look at:

"What separates Insectula! from the cynical likes of a Sharknado is its absolute sincerity, an eagerness to delight and not patronise its audience. Writer/director Michael Peterson is genre savvy, yet also, it would seem, genre smitten."


Insectula! (Insekuchura) will be included in the G-fest XXI (Godzilla) lineup this July! They are showing great Godzilla movies as well as some of my favorites "Them!" and "The Deadly Mantis". We will be the Midnight Movie on Sat, July 11th, (at midnight of course) and I have a feeling we belong there! If you can make it, it is in Rosemont, IL. A celebration of Kaiju - and Insekuchura will be among friends!

Lobby Cards

Good news for the Indiegogo funders, I completed the lobby cards and am printing them tomorrow!

Another nice review

Here is a very nice review in French: 
Use translator unless you happen to be a Francophile!