I've been studying 3-strip Technicolor emulation for quite a long time. At least a good chunk of Insectula will be using a Technicolor algorithm and possibly the whole thing. It is more complex than just the algorithm though, colors still have to be manipulated as when real Technicolor was shot heavy makeup was used that was specifically designed for it and colors in the set were controlled to the point where the Technicolor consultant had control of the look of the picture. I don’t have the time or resources but I’m doing my best to emulate.

Here is one of my Technicolor discussion threads:

What I’m very sick of is the orange/teal color schemes of almost every Hollywood production in the last decade. Greens are lost. Hollywood doesn’t like green anymore and has decided green is old. Instead they want the skin tones to “pop out”. Red is also secondary to Hollywood. I will be happy when this current crop of colorists are replaced with people who understand color and don’t cookie-cutter every movie.

Couples Retreat was the worst offender of this BTW. It was almost like they only had only two colors in the whole move and it was so glaring that it almost became difficult to watch.

EDIT: I just watched The Rite...equally as offensive.

Here is someone who really understands color: Color Theory for Cinematographers (he isn't afraid of green!)

Here is one of my first passes of my latest scene:


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