Warp Stabilizer

I had some very shaky footage that I had tried several plugins on to help stabilize. Some of these plugins were very expensive and I did eventually get satisfactory results. I decided to try it again after I upgraded to After Effects CS 5.5 as it includes a stabilizer called Warp Stabilizer. I am amazed. This is far ahead of the best stabilization tools out there...nothing comes close. The rolling shutter fix in it is perfect. This really frees me up to do more tracking shots and more handheld work. It makes shaky footage butter smooth like a steadicam. In my next shoot I plan to do alot of camera work to see how free I really am.

EDIT: After shooting more and further inspection it turns out I'm not that free. It's still a great stabilizer but it isn't quite the magical tool I first saw.


  1. Very good. I have been playing around some with Deshaker 3.0 on AVI files in VirtualDub for some shaky footage I have.

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