Claustropendent Filmmaking

One thing I do hate about low budget indie films is that they are usually claustrophobic. In an effort to keep the costs down the film is usually limited to under 10 locations. The viewer can sense this even if they aren’t conscious of it and it gives a real limiting sense of the film’s world. Sure there are big budget films that are limited to few locations but in general you don’t feel the sense of restriction from most. The indies love to do this because you can shoot the bulk of your material in fewer days.

I’m trying very hard to avoid this. I have so many locations it’s hard to keep track. If I do use a location more than once I try to light it different (light for the mood not the location) or shoot at night when I last shot at day etc. I don’t think we will get that boxed in feeling from Insectula!

The other thing that bothers me is using uninteresting locations. I see many indies using people's living rooms and newer style houses and it just reeks of cheapness…why wouldn’t you go out of your way and find some interesting location? Instead of making Kempler’s house dull and boring I decided he would live in something like a museum like the Addams Family. Likewise whenever I have a scene in the script I think of what would be the most interesting location possible, where would I dream of doing it?


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