A tough task

Insectula is a tough movie to do with no budget. I've had to learn and get as good at VFX, practical FX and compositing as one person can possibly get. From particle generation and physics modeling to servos and robotics mechanisms. Had to learn all the materials for the practical and the animation, rendering and compositing tricks for the combination of both. There are times when I look at a problem and it seems too daunting, but I learned if you just put your head down and say that you can do it, you usually can.
If I didn't have the software programming and visual arts background I don't think I could have done it. It was kind of luck that I had these two dissimilar interests that intersected on this project.

When I started the project I knew little of VFX and Practical FX. I knew some of the basics, but not having the budget to hire people to do it there was really only one way. They way I looked at it was if someone can do it why can't I? Maybe I don't have the time to ramp up on all the details but maybe I can learn enough to get things to a level that looks professional. Usually the results surpassed my expectations, and while it may not be Hollywood, I dare anyone to do it for what I did it for!


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