Happy New Year!

2012 is of course the year of the mosquito so I’m very excited.
I’ll try to update more often as there are some fun things in the works. Right now I’m working on the title sequence which is turning out extremely cool! We are planning on resuming filming in April and we should have a real budget! I’ve got some cool effects people lined up and may actually have a crew when I film so things should be a lot easier. We are 50% done with the picture but the second half has an extreme amount of effect shots so it’s a bit too hard to do on my own.

There seems to be a bit of confusion on what Insectula! is...Insectula! is a full featured, 90 minute horror movie that I’m told may have a theatrical release instead of straight to video if I pull everything together good enough. I’m looking at midsummer 2012 as a release timeframe. As I said I will update with announcements as soon as I can.


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