New camera...

While I’ve shot the first half of Insectula! with a DSLR, first the Canon 7D then the Canon 60D, I’m nearing the point where I need to move up. The DSLR’s are great and I’m very proud of the images I’ve gotten but they do have limitations. Moiré, aliasing and skew are the big drawbacks. Most of the time these aren’t issues but once in a while, shooting a herringbone suit for example, everything goes to hell. There is no good way to shoot someone in a suit with a fine pattern in a MCU without colors from the moiré pattern dancing all over the place. The Panasonic GH2 deals technically with this much better (no line skipping) but it has a cropped sensor.

The other trouble with the Canon is trying to green screen – it is terribly difficult. I have shot the same footage with several different cameras and the clear winner in this category is the Sony NEX FS100. Plus this camera’s low light absolutely blows the Canon’s out of the water, including the 5D with a much larger sensor. Not as expensive as a RED but with images clearly superior to the Canon’s, the Sony will be the next camera I get. It also does slow mo at 1080 instead of Canon's 720 (I've never shot in slow mo with the Canon's for this very reason).

 The last half of Insectula! has a crapload of green screen and I need to have the best image I can afford. I’m hoping the movie company will buy it for me. Fingers crossed!


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