Most of the FX on Insectula! are a combination of both CGI and practical (and there are TONS of FX). This allows me to do an effect for hundreds as opposed to thousands of dollars if I did it strictly one way or the other, plus I think it’s more convincing. It’s clear to me this is the future of FX and why we will defy our budget.

It also allows me to do something in a fraction of the time. For one recent shot I had a cutaway shot of a brain. Since this was just a cutaway used to establish mood, I didn't want to spend thousands on it, but I wanted the brain to pulse like blood was flowing to it. Using a combination of CGI and practical I was able to grab a brain from a Halloween store, paint it better and then create the pulsing in post. Doing this practically would involve many hours mounting bladders and the CGI only rout would have involved modeling and animating it in a realistic manner and then rendering, again many hours. In the end I was able to accomplish the effect in about ten minutes and it is very convincing, looking very practical and cost about ten dollars.


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