Moire and Aliasing

I like my Canon 60D and have shot the majority of Insectula! with it (the first third was shot with a Canon 7D, but I traded that for a 60D when that came out). I have been considering changing to a Panasonic GH2 because the Canon’s are notorious for their moire and aliasing at 1080 even with digital sharpening off, and are almost unusable at 720. It’s too bad because I have a lot of Canon glass and I like just about everything else about the camera. Shooting has been problematic though as my main character wears a suit which makes the sensor go batty and if there is anything like a screen door, tightly woven fabric or a brick building, colors and lines dance around causing me to tear my hair out in post.

The new anti-aliasing filter from Mosaic has saved my Canons’ life and pretty much solved the issue. I tested one on a 7D and am just waiting for the 60D version which will be released in a couple days. The filter is a huge step in usability for Canon cameras and for $325 it is a no brainer for me.


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