Some nice words from the Jerome Foundation

The Jerome Foundation recently helped Insectula! out with a production grant, and we are very pleased with their assistance. They also had some very nice things to say about the samples of what they saw:

The panel that reviewed Michael Peterson's application requesting support of Insectula was very impressed by what they saw. They were all rather incredulous that they were seriously discussing a grant to a Sci-Fi comedy, since none of them had been attracted to supporting such a film before. But the very unique nature of this work, coupled with its wry sense of humor, really resonated with them. They found the work fresh and exciting. One panelist commented, "I really love this. He did exactly what he said he would do-it shows in the footage. He also has a lot of good people attached, which is comforting. But more than anything else, I like his very idiosyncratic approach to telling the story, which elevates this work to a whole different level of Sci-Fi filmmaking." The second panelist agreed and added, "This is a filmmaker to keep an eye on." The third panelist said, "I was a little doubtful of this at first, until I saw the work sample. I think it will be a very well done, tongue-in-cheek genre piece."

This funding came just in time to help out with the complex hive scene and other intensive shoots that would have taken far longer to accomplish without. Thanks again to the foundation and I’m certain the end product will exceed expectations.


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